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Aura Reading

Find out hidden information about the energies surrounding your body.

What color is your aura at this moment? What does that color mean for you and your current situations/interactions? Can you change the color yourself through your own free will?

I can help even without seeing or interacting with you. As a highly skilled and experienced energy reader, I can see your aura and give you the answers you may want about it.

I can read your aura, inner state, emotions, thoughts, actions, and potential. The past and present tendencies can be found to help determine the future.

Aura Reading also helps to improve skills like patience, creativity, compassion, love, etc. Everyone can benefit from Aura Analysis.

How it works:

1- Click on the image to book your reading on Stripe.

2- Email your name and date of birth to

3- Your analysis will be prepared and delivered within two days of your order.

The document is in PDF format and is valid for one year.


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