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Welcome to my space, glad you are here.

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Hello, my name is Zondra, nice to meet you.

As a Professional Psychic, Spiritual Advisor, Relationship/Life Coach,  and Occultist, I help people all over the world.


Being the author of the books “Demystifying the Tarot Collection” and “Aiming for Success”, my mission is to assist people in achieving their spiritual and life goals.


I look forward to helping you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Thank you for visiting my website, feel free to see around and enjoy my space.

More About me...

My spiritual journey began when I was 13 years old.


It all started at school, when I used my mother's tarot cards

(she was a professional tarot reader) to predict the fate of a



The same classmate told me a week later that what I had said

came to pass, and guess what? For a year, I was bullied at

school because of this.


That experience sparked a burning curiosity about spirituality in

me, and my intuition and vivid dreams began to emerge. I was

fortunate enough to receive spiritual teachings from 3 generations.


Later on, I lived in Scandinavia for 15+ years and learned a lot from different cultures. This helped me to expand my consciousness in many ways.


Spiritual/life coaching, relationship evaluation based on quantum physics and sacred geometry, and psychic tools are some of the things I have been devoted to.


I also dedicate time to studying astrology, chromotherapy, angel reading, aura reading, crystal therapy consulting, numerology, and occultism.


From the Norwegian University of Life Coach and NLP, I became a certified life coach, mental coach, and professional spiritual advisor.


After that, I joined the Tarot Code of Ethics Association in England, Spain, Portugal, the United States, and Brazil. Over the years, I have gained knowledge and experience that I can use to help others make significant changes in their lives.


I'd be happy to help you navigate this remarkable journey of personal growth and self-discovery.



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"When you take action, the Universe take a step in your direction"









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Zondra is so good in her work, and so spot on. She reads your card and yours personality so exsactely. She tells me things that just i am a wear of. I recommented to reserved time with Zondra.

Tove Heiland

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